Sunday School

In Adult Sunday School, our goal is to present solid, practical biblical teaching in a setting that encourages participation and personal spiritual growth.

Classes include the following

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Other Ministries

Cancer Support Prayer Group

The Cancer Support Prayer Group is a group of individuals who meet together the third Tuesday of the month to pray for and with each other, share experiences and laughter and discuss a topic of interest/concern. If you are facing the storm of cancer as one diagnosed with cancer, or a cancer survivor, or are concerned for someone in your life who has cancer, please join us.

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Deacon Ministry

Our Deacon Ministry is a servant ministry. We are devoted to our mission of extending the reach of our Pastors caring for our Congregation during times of crisis and life transitions. We are in contact with our members to discern if they are in need of our help and we are also advised by our Pastors and Elders of those in need. We are responsive to any needs identified and on a regular basis we call, visit, send cards, deliver food, encourage and pray for and with those who are in need. We are genuinely concerned about our Members and hold all interactions confidential within the Deacon group. Most importantly we pray as intercessors. If your family has a need for our contact, prayers, encouragement and support, please contact us.

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Small Group and Bible Study

Life Groups help build Christian community and deepen our walk with Jesus.  Their goal is to provide a practical environment to care, serve, and share our faith.  They typically meet on various weekday and weekend nights, and meet in homes to offer an informal setting for Bible study.

Women In Mission

Women in Mission encourages women to be personally reconciled and committed to Jesus Christ and seeks to call forth and utilize the variety of gifts given to women by the Holy Spirit.