Please keep the Jr High in prayer as they serve in our local community!

Day 1 (8/15) – Bean Bag

The youth did an awesome job serving at the Bean Bag Food Program today!!!  We spent our time re-packing books for storage which will be given to Bean Bag kids next summer, packing cleaning supplies to be handed out to families this fall, making decorative labels for canned goods and re-organizing/cleaning the storage room.

Day 2 (8/16) – Mennonite Resource Center

The Illumin8 jr. high had another great service day today!!  We spent our morning at The Material Resource Center where we sorted clothes and books, learned about what it is like to be a refugee and how the center helps refugees all over the world and played some “dress up”.  We also learned how big our God is and how nothing is impossible for Him!

Day 3 (8/17) – Beach Day, Ocean City

The Illumin8 jr. high had a terrific day at the beach.  The weather was beautiful and the youth had a chance to have some fun as they enjoyed swimming in the ocean and playing in the sand. In the evening they enjoyed some pizza and some shopping as they walked the boardwalk

Day 4 (8/18) – New Friend’s Nursery School

Today was another great day in our week of service!!  We spent our time at New Friends Nursery School where we cleaned the lockers, classrooms and hallways for the start of the school year.  We also helped one of the teachers set up her room and we weeded and cleaned up the playground.  The youth did a great job in spite of being tired from our awesome beach day yesterday!!

Day 5 (8/19) – Mennonite Resource Center

Today we were back at The Material Resource Center sorting books and clothes as well as crushing cardboard.  And of course there was some dressing up and a few “treasures” went home as souvenirs of our week.
The kids did an amazing job all week long and finished strong today!  Thank you to all the leaders and parents who helped out during the week…we couldn’t have done it without you!!